Thursday, April 21, 2016

Old Pueblo vs Portlandia

Old Pueblo vs Portlandia -- OPP (Other People's Prints)

 Tucson vs Portland

4 of the Desert Triangle prints from Tucson were hung on April 20, 2016 (taken down in October), at the Cartel Coffee Lab in downtown Tucson (210 E. Broadway Blvd). 10 of the prints that we bought from Flight 64 community print shop in Portland, were hung on the opposite wall at the Cartel Coffee Lab (more detailed info here):

Noelle Barce,Jave Yoshimoto,Brie Thompson,Ali Cat Leeds

  Prints from Michael ContrerasTanya  Rich
Rudy FloresRuben Urrea Moreno 
(all portrait orientation).

Tina and her husband from Philly
give the authentic OPP touch,
while helping Tanya install the show

Marc Girouard

A lot of young people flow between Tucson and Portland (avoiding the high cost of San Francisco?), so these cities seem to share a bit of that contemporary DIY culture. We thought it would be nice to show some of their art prints together. showcasing the different artistic views side by side. Therefore, we bought a few prints from Flight 64 community print shop when we were in Portland last month for the big SGCI print conference.

Previously we pitted Tucson against El Paso -- El Pueblo Viejo vs El Chuco -- when we showed two print exchanges together, one originating in Tucson, and the other originating in El Paso.

Prints travel easily, and thus lend themselves to long distance exhibitions.  I can imagine someone in the Southwest creating 5 or 10 prints, and showing them next to 5 or 10 prints of the Pacific Northwest, or of New England, or of Mexico.  In fact, that was more the original idea behind the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta.

Or maybe we need to do more art projects with Portland:

Portlandia art project

UPDATE (October 2016): The Portland prints from Flight 64 were hung at Proper Printshop in El Paso since October, 2106.  Aaron Draplin from Portland showed up on October 25th and saw the show.

By day, Proper is a working printshop cranking it out in El Paso:

Proper Printshop by day

But on Thursday nights, Proper turns into a gallery for live printmaking events: 

Art en Vivo 
live printing event in May 2016,

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