Monday, January 29, 2018

Mexic-Arte Mural -- Los Dos and Jellyfish

Los Dos of El Paso, and the Jellyfish Collective of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) collaborated on a mural/wheat paste on the Mexic-Arte building, while the artist talk was going on inside.  This happened the day after our opening.

The mural on social media:

UPDATE (March 9)Mural enhanced by Augment El Paso by SXSW!

Directing from across 5th Street

UPDATE:  It looks like this mural will be pushed into augmented reality by Augment El Paso.  Probably in time for SXSW (March 9 - 13)!

Meanwhile, in March during South by Southwest, CixMugre painted another fantastic mural outside of Mexic-Arte, next to the mural of  Los Dos and Jellyfish:

Update: Mexic-Arte revisited on April 19th -- stellar murals!

On the Mexic-Arte Facebook page, for April 12th, there is a video story about all these murals.

Stellar wall of murals now
at Mexic-Arte in Austin

Update (June 28, 2018)Taller 75 Grados, in Mexico City, pulled serigraph edition of this mural, so that both the artwork and the "augmented reality" will be preserved.  

On Instagram and YouTube!!!

Update (Sept 10, 2018) -- The serigraph is on display at the Delray Arts Warehouse, north of Miami, for the "Social Code" exhibit, along with Nani Chacon's print.  Both prints were enhanced with augmented reality by Augment El Paso.

At the Delray Arts Warehouse,
in Delray Beach, Florida

Tablet in front,
to view the augments

Update (October 2018):


Both Los Dos and the Jellyfish Collective painted murals for the ColorWalk in Ciudad Juarez, 2014:

Los Dos 
mural in Ciudad Juarez,

Jellyfish Collective mural,
in Ciudad Juarez,

Los Dos did a wheat paste mural on top of Mexico City, on the roof of the Museo Juguete Antiguo

(Antique Toy Museum)
in Mexico City

While Jellyfish has painted other murals in Ciudad Juarez:

Both Los Dos and the Jellyfish Collective painted murals in downtown El Paso for Chalk the Block 2016:

Recently Los Dos and Jellyfish collaborated on a HUGE mural, on the sidewalk next to the backside of the new baseball stadium (for the Chihuahuas) -- it is several blocks long!

Section of the sidewalk collaboration mural in El Paso,
this piece by Los Dos

Section of the sidewalk collaboration mural in El Paso,
this piece by the Jellyfish Collective

The below mural by Los Dos, in downtown El Paso, wound up on the front page of the New York Times, February 22, 2017.

Los Dos mural in 
downtown El Paso --

UPDATE:  Los Dos Strike again -- on the cover of the El Paso Times (March 24th, 2018) for their new mural of Oscar Acosta, Hunter S Thompson's lawyer, on the side of Cinco Puntos Press (701 Texas Street).  Newspaper photo on Instagram.

UPDATE:  Jellyfish did a mural in Madrid (April 2018):

Update (May 12):  Los Dos and Yorch painted the banks of the Rio Grande, near the Santa Fe bridge, between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.

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