Monday, January 29, 2018

Artist Talk and Brunch at Mexic-Arte

How often is the opening followed by a brunch the next day?  We need to imitate this tradition more often.  And we had an artist talk after brunch -- Saturday, January 27, 2018.


Rebecca Gomez,
Curator of Exhibitions and Programs at Mexic-Arte,
wearing a t-shirt made by 
Taller 75 Grados of Mexico City


After the brunch, we gave an artist talk.

of previous projects 
and inspirations,
laid out for the artist talk

Krrrl speaking

Arturo Negrete of Taller 75 Grados,

David Figueroa of Augment El Paso,

Afterwards we showed the Oaxaca Carpeta,
one of our inspirations

at the brunch

More photos and info on the Mexic-Arte Tumblr site.

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