Monday, January 29, 2018

Austintatious Opening Night at Mexic-Arte!

Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin:
January 26 – May 27, 2018
(Closed February 12 – March 31)

We had a fantastic opening night for our exhibition at Mexic-Arte in downtown Austin, Texas -- Friday, January 26th, 2018.  AUSTINTACIOUS!

Entering Mexic-Arte,
photography exhibition up front,
our Desert Triangle in the back


Printmakers from all 3 points of the Desert Triangle came to the opening:

Mexic-Arte director Sylvia Orozco,
with Francisco Delgado of El Paso,
standing next to Francisco's print
(made in Oaxaca)

Henry Morales of Albuquerque

Los Dos of El Paso
(Christian and Ramon Cardenas)

from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Arturo Negrete, 
director of Taller 75 Grados in Mexico Citt,
with artist Salvador Colon of Mexico City

Tanya Rich of Tucson

David Figueroa of Augment El Paso,
and Valeria Venecia

Interns from South Korea,
Minhee Kim and Garyeong Kim

Augmented Reality tablets,
self-charging --

Jonathan Rebolloso honored us 
by coming to the opening,
he was a master printer with Sam Coronado,

El Federico (Achuelta) also came to the opening;
he helped us get the exhibition at Mexic-Arte.
Thank you El Federico!

Harvey Mireles (left)
came from San Antonio

Rebecca Gomez,
Curator of Exhibitions and Programs at Mexic-Arte,
and her husband.
Rebecca was a real pleasure to work with,
as she coordinated our exhibition

Director Sylvia Orozoco,
introduced all the artists,
both from the photography exhibit up front,
and those that came from our Desert Triangle exhibit in the back

Very high class opening! Wow.

Dulce Vida Tequila was one of the sponsors

International visitors
in front of one of the photography exhibits

One of Francisco Delgado's former students
came to the opening.

Francisco Delgado sold prints at the opening

brought some of his family up from San Antonio

Wanna buy a print?

Los grandes
in discussion

Jellyfish Collective from Ciudad Juarez,
El Federico, originally from El Paso

Serigraphs from Taller 75 Grados

made buttons for our exhibition

A visitor commenting on our prints said that "there was something for everyone" in our collection, which I took as a great compliment.

We sold prints by Ruben Urea Moreno, Rudy FloresJellyfish, Los Dos, Tanya Rich, Matthew Poe, Francisco Delgado, and the next day, we sold a print by Martin Quintanilla.  We are trying to get a print by Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado to sell as well.

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