Thursday, May 9, 2019

Summary -- Printmakers Updates

 The Desert Triangle artists have been very active since the first major exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art in 2016.  It took 3 blog entries to try to describe their progress, and of course we left a lot out.

Moreover the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta continues to show.  The next scheduled exhibition is at the Las Cruces Museum of Art in New Meixco, opening November 1st, and lasting until January 2020.

where the Desert Triangle will be in November 2019

We are almost 5 years away from the conception of the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta, at the 2014 Chalk the Block print exchanges exhibition.  A lot has happened since then, while the artists have all spread out, to work on bigger and better things.  That turns the Desert Triangle into a slice of history, of what people were thinking about around 2016.


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