Thursday, May 9, 2019

Printmakers Update 2019 -- Part 2

This is the second look at what some of the Desert Triangle printmakers have done recently.


Pavel Acevedo is hard to keep up with.

"...(Pavel) mural collaboration with artist Kate Deciccio
 for the event “We Rise” in the “Arts District” located in LA, 
this exhibit opens on Friday 17 (May 2019)"

Mural in progress in downtown Riverside
Pavel and Fritz Aragón collaboration


Nani Chacon's paintings are prominently featured in the "Qué Chola" exhibition at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, running from March 8 to August 4, 2019.  Her Instagram shows that she is quiet busy.

"La Onda"


Henry Morales always participates in the Day of the Dead festivities in Albuquerque, including the Marigold Parade in the South Valley.


Krrrl, your blogger, has been experimenting widely.  I received his sculpture collaboration with Daniel Hornung from Metalphysic foundry in Tucson.  I emailed one of his small newsprint figure drawings to China, and received a painting.  I also have been experimenting with online AI programs, that alter my drawings. All these projects started from one of the drawings in his self-published book -- "Finish My Figure Drawings."


Tino Ortega won the First Place at Chalk the Block in 2016.


Tim Razo is always creating new amazing images and serigraphs, some of which show up on his Instagram.

  • Printmakers Update 2019 -- Part 2

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