Monday, November 18, 2019

Summary -- Print Quake in Las Cruces


We predicted a Print Quake to hit Las Cruces  -- and it did during the November 2019 Art Ramble -- with three print venues opening on November 1st, including a double header at the Las Cruces Museum of Art, and live printing on the streets of Las Cruces!

We were especially excited to see the Las Cruces printmakers surface in this exhibition at the Las Cruces Museum of Art, in the "Impress 2 Express" wing, as they too are working inside the Desert Triangle region, but are almost unknown to their counterparts in Albuquerque, and certainly to those in Tucson.


Banner image by Rudy Flores

Check out the views of the Desert Triangle and Impress 2 Express in the Las Cruces Museum of Art.

There were 18 different printmakers exhibiting in the Impress 2 Express wing, mostly from Las Cruces.

Down the street from the Las Cruces Museum of Art, Horned Toad Prints of El Paso, and Chris Bardey and crew of Las Cruces, got together and did live printing on the street during the opening night, November 1st.  Besides Chris, two other Desert Triangle artists were invovled -- Manuel Guerra and Raul Monarrez.

and Diana Molina too (not shown)

Before the Las Cruces Art Ramble started, 
on the first Friday of November, 
we visited Rick Rotante

Later Charles Townley (center) and David Sorensen (right)
acquired a few of our prints


The events started in the Roderick Artspace in downtown El Paso -- on Halloween when the "ARTE DE MUERTOS" exhibition opened on Halloween, and closed on the Day of the Dead on November 2nd.

October 31st

This exhibition was organized by Federico Villalba, and Vallarie Enríquez, and Arturo Enríquez.  10 of the Desert Triangle artists have work in this exhibition!

as part of the "60 Years of Collecting" exhibition

November 2nd

The events continued through the weekend, culminating with the "Desfile de Alebrijes," or Parade of Alebrijes, on November 2nd, 2019.  The large floats were made in Mexico, by Colectivo La Ultima Hora, which also did the floats for the MEXICO CITY OPENING OF THE JAMES BOND MOVIE -- SPECTRE.


As the great Mexican artist Francisco Toldeo recently died in September, he was prominently featured in many Day of the Dead altars.

made by Francisco Delgado and his children

Altar for Francisco Toledo,
at the South Broadway Cultural Center 
in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In August we had given a presentation in Oaxaca for another print project -- the Ambos Lados International Print Exchange  -- at the IAGO, which was founded and directed by Francisco Toledo.



It was a big weekend,
celebrated with good mezcal from Oaxaca

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