Monday, January 25, 2016

Augment El Paso

A couple of the Desert Triangle prints are enhanced with "augmented reality," done by Augment El Paso.

Through the Lens of the iPhone

After downloading the Augment El Paso app (also see end of this blog post), one positions his/her smart phone or tablet in front of the print image, as if he/she were taking a photograph, and strange things start happening.  The print becomes animated!

At the Augment El Paso show, March 2014, in Dreadful Things, El Paso, Texas:

Augment EP El Paso creators,
Robert Castaneda and David Figueroa,
viewing an augmented image 
on an iPad tablet

at the Dreadful Things show

At the 11th Monkey pop-up show, April 2014, in Phoenix:

Tanya Rich watches moving octopus tentacles,
in the animated "augmented" version 
of the portrait with octopus tentacles poster
on an Android tablet

Zeke Pena Print Augmented

After downloading the Augment El Paso app (see further below), position your smart phone or tablet in front of Zeke Pena's print, and the image starts changing -- note, this also works from Zeke's image on a laptop screen:

First augment:
the rabbit and hummingbird move

Tap the screen,
and the image goes crazy!

Tap the screen a second time,
and the image changes again

(the playlist continues with 
Krrrl and Tanya's prints augmented)

The playlist continues,

The playlist continues

The Augment El Paso 2.1 app is currently out 
on all three app stores.

Google Play:
Amazon App Store:

Note:  With a QR code scanner app, one can scan the QR codes below, and install the app on their smart devices (I am using QR Code Reader app by Scan on my Nexus tablet).

to links to all apps
for both Apple and Android devices
(same as "Augmented Reality" tab above)


Google Play
Google Play:

Amazon App Store:

 High resolution png files -- All (indirect link) -- iPhoneGooglePlayAmazon  
Vector QR codes (without the logo in center)-- All (indirect link) -- iPhone, GooglePlay, Amazon

QR codes generated online at QR Code Monkey.

is helping us maintain the iTablets
at the El Paso Museum of Art

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