Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Southwest Printmaking Studios

The Desert Triangle prints were produced in 14 studios.  11 of those studios are in the Southwest.

Tucson cluster:

Riverside, California

Pavel Acevedo (right)
runs the press at the art store

  • Pavel Acevedo made his relief print on a press at Urge Palette Art Store, in the Riverside, California desert.   Jim and Deborah Cool-Flowers drove the press all the way from El Paso, to give to Pavel.


Jeik Catlin Ficker (in background)

4 prints were made at the Tucson Community Printshop:


Dwight Metzger (pictured, tallest of group of 3 at right)
runs the Gloo Factory silk screen shop

2 silk screen prints were pulled at the Gloo Factory in Tucson:


used a large wooden spoon
to hand print his edition

  • Martin Quintanilla hand printed his edition of relief prints carved on Mexican shoe rubber, at his home studio in Tucson..


Michael Contreras' home studio
  • Michael Contreras produced his relief prints on the press in his home studio in Tucson.


Gonzalo Espinosa and Tanya Rich
look onto the silk screen exposure unit

2 prints were started, but not finished, at Taller Sin Miedo, those by Gonzalo Espinosa and Tanya Rich.  Taller Sin Miedo is a private studio in the house of Gonzalo Espinosa; however, it started in the Sculpture Resource Center.

Albuquerque cluster:


Regina Held (back to us) 


Henry Morales in his home studio

  • Henry Morales printed his woodcut color relief edition at his home studio in Albuquerque.  

Henry actually had a press made 
large enough to press his print edition

The press bed rolls on skateboard wheels

El Paso cluster:

El Paso

Alan Hodson (pictured at left) and Jonathan “JJ” Childress

6 serigraphs were pulled at Proper Printshop in El Paso:

El Paso

Manuel Guerra (pictured left) runs Horned Toad Prints
in his private print studio in El Paso

  • Mark Christian's (Tucson) woodcut print was produced at Horned Toad Prints studio in El Paso.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Chris Bardey taught printmaking at NMSU
during the Fall 2015 semester
  • Chris Bardey started his print as a woodcut, which he ran through the presses at the New Mexico State University print shop.  He ultimately had this print silk screened at Proper Printshop in El Paso.

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